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USGTC Technique and form!

Boys Gymnastics Program

Why did Tim Daggett, Olympic Gold Medal winner, select USGTC for his son? As a former camper and staff member, Tim is well aware of our quality program.

Our program is designed so that each gymnast, no matter what level, gets maximum help with all the Olympic events.

Basic skills are a must at USGTC.

We also concentrate on the skills that gymnasts need for competition. We stress strength, flexibility and conditioning. We can modify our training for beginning gymnasts or design a program for the more advanced athlete who wants the maximum in gym time and hard core "animal" training.

It's pretty hard not to learn when you have an outstanding staff coaching five classes a day and two open workouts. Imagine, two extra hours to work on all your new skills.

Why not learn from 5-time World Champion Alicia Sacramone?

World's best boy's gymnastics training!

"I really like all the strength stuff we did. I'm going back to my gym and continuing all the exercises. The Color War contests were cool, too."

"Working out with Blaine Wilson and Marian Dragulescu at both session was unbelievable. I didn't know that they were going to teach every day."

"The flexibility training and age group flex contests for COLOR WAR were great. I got two medals and three ribbons at Awards Night."

USGTC Camp Features:

  • Classes
  • Open Workouts
  • Flexibility, strength and conditioning
  • Help with all compulsory skills and routines
  • Routine evaluation and construction
  • Exciting gymnastics contests and awards

You gotta love this camp!

All Olympic event classes are held each day. There are five classes plus two one-hour open workouts.

Tim Daggett, former Camper, Jr. Counselor and Staff Member, Olympic Champion & NBC Olympic Commentator

"As a boy, I looked forward to my time at USGTC with great anticipation. This was really my only camp experience and in many ways it helped shape my life. It also was an absolute blast. I was a very motivated young gymnast with tremendous desire, but little 'know how' on how to accomplish my goals and fulfill my dreams. USGTC exposed me to top national and international gymnasts who I trained with, learned from, and emulated."

"Before I attended USGTC, I knew I wanted to go to the Olympics and win Gold, but I had no idea how to get there! USGTC gave me my 'road map' on making it happen."

"On the personal side, some of my fondest memories of childhood include my camp days. I learned so much, made so many life long friends, and truly loved each and every day at USGTC. That's why my son Peter has followed in my footsteps and each year begs for not one week Dad, but two... please!"

Tim Daggett

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Countdown To Camp 2015

Gymnastics Camp 2015
Session One:
July 19 - July 25

Session Two:
July 26 - August 1

Resident Camper Fee
One Week: $1,315
Both Weeks: $2,705

Day Camper Fee
One Week: $800
Both Weeks: $1,600

Tumbling Camp 2015
July 26 - August 1

Resident Camper Fee: $1,315
Day Camper Fee: $800

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John Orozco, 2012 Olympian and former World Team Member!!

Charles Jackson, Head Boys Coach, Yellow Jackets!

Tim Daggett, from USGTC Camper to Olympic Champion!

"My son is only nine and was really scared about being so young and at a camp with so many girls. That lasted about one day. He had a really super time with your classes, open workouts and Color War stuff. He's going to bring some of his teammates with him next summer. Thank you for taking such good care of him, in and out of the gym. You run a first class program."

- Julie P

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