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FAQs for Parents of Cheerleaders attending Summer Cheer Camp

We have provided answers to the following set of questions frequently asked by parents of our USGTC Cheer Skills Camp attendees.

What are the dates for 2015 Cheer Camp?

To Be Announced

How much does it cost?

The charge for Resident Campers is $ TBA.
The charge for Day Campers is $ TBA.

Where is your training camp located?

Mount Holyoke College
South Hadley, Massachusetts
USGTC's National Office is headquartered in Tequesta, Florida.

Who runs the camp?

Michael and Susan Jacobson are the camp owners. They run the camp and live in a dorm with campers and staff. They have over thirty years of experience conducting camps for children and coaches. Their directors have all been with USGTC for many years.

What are the drive times from major cities in the area?

Hartford, CT - 45 Minutes
Boston, MA - 2 Hours
New York City - 2.5 Hours
Brattleboro, VT - 1.5 Hours
New Hampshire - 2 Hours

Do you offer an Airport Pick-up Service?

We personally pick up campers from Bradley Airport, Hartford Connecticut. Its forty minutes from our South Hadley camp in Massachusetts. The cost is only $45.00 each way.

Do you offer discounts for individuals and teams?

We offer a free camp stay for a coach who has a team of eight or more campers. $40.00 will be deducted for each additional sibling in a family.

How late can I register my child?

We accept registrations until our camp is filled. After that time we have a waiting list.

What does a one week Resident Camper fee include?

The price includes all meals, a spacious dorm room, all the Cheer classes, open workouts and recreation. There are no additional charges.

How can I register?

Print out our application and mail it to our Florida National Office along with your $200.00 deposit for each session. Call: 561-743-8550, Email: Feel free to call us at any time to discuss our program and your individual or team needs.

If I cancel do I get my money back?

Our camper application explains our refund policies. We recommend that you consider camper refund insurance. It is explained in our camper application.

What is your refund and returned check policy?

Written notice of cancellation must be received by April 30th. Deposit less $75.00 processing fee will be refunded.

  • After April 30th, Registration Deposits Are Non-Refundable. This Include Cancellations for Medical and Athletic Injuries.
  • Written Cancellations Post Marked Thirty Days Prior to 1st camp day. Camper will receive Session Fees Less Deposit.
  • Cancellations With in Thirty Days of the First Camp Day - ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON.
  • No refund will be made for a camper who withdraws at any time after arriving at Camp.
  • There is no reduction or refund of fees for Late Arrivals or Early Departure.
  • Retuned Checks - There Is A $35.00 Processing Fee. We Only Accept Refund Requests In Writing.

Can parents come to visit?

Visitations are a disruption to our program. "An important part of camping is to have an independent experience."

Does USGTC allow cell phones?

NO! Our policy is now in effect because of our past camp experience. The worst example was having children speaking to their friends and family at all hours of the night and day. Lack of sleep! Lack of control! We have phones in all dorms, and other camp buildings!

What kind of housing do you provide?

We have no cabins! All our campers and staff are housed in dorms. Campers pick their own roommates. We allow two or three to a room. Campers and staff tell us that our dorms are luxurious and spacious compared to other camp housing. Our campers can decorate their rooms and win prizes for their efforts. It's part of our fun "Color War" recreation program.

Can a team stay in the same dorm?

Yes, except all 8-9 year olds must live on a youth dorm floor. No exceptions! Teams are housed on one or more floors. It's possible that other campers will be on their floors. Please understand that meeting new friends is an important part of being a USGTC camper.

Who are your instructors?

The USGTC Elite tumbling coaches teach all the tumbling classes.

What should I bring?

Once you become a registered camper, we will send you a list of things to bring such as the usual workout clothing, bedding, toiletries, etc. Most of our campers like to decorate their rooms. We will have special "Color War" awards for the best room decorations. We also have a costume night with a new theme each year. Again, it's part of our zany exciting recreation program. Check out our spectacular dorm rooms.

What does your Cheer Program involve?

USGTC is the only camp in the Northeast that provides an emphasis on tumbling. We have a tumbling pit, tumbling trac, spring floors and all the mats needed for a top quality program. The daily classes and open workouts are filled with stunting, tumbling, Pyramids, dance, flexibility and conditioning. We also incorporate a fun Color War Recreation Program that is filled with exciting activities.

Do you have boys in the Cheer Program?

Yes, all the boys and girls are in the same program. Boys have their own dorm floors and counselors.

What are the gyms like?

We have the largest cheer gym in the nation. It is 46,000 square feet and has more cheer floors and mats than any other camp in the nation. We also have a 9,000 square foot dance gym. Everyone works out together. Campers and staff really like it that way.

What ages and ability levels are your campers?

Boys and girls ages 8 through high school. They come from every type of cheer organization. Remember that our staff is of the highest quality and are capable of coaching all the way up to and including college cheerleaders.

How about your Testing Program?

It was developed at USGTC and is unlike any other camp-testing program. Ability, age and size are all factors with the cheer and tumbling testing.

Do you have a Tumbling Pit?

We have an incredible pit system that our cheer coaches and campers rave about. Our raised foam pit system is 124 feet long, eight feet wide, and six feet high. All our foam blocks are new each year.

What kind of equipment do you provide?

More than you have ever seen in one place. We will have the longest spring floor in the world. It is 45' wide and ninety feet long. We will also have at least three foam floors and more tumbling mats and teaching aids every brought in for a cheer camp experience. All of our camp products are available for purchase, once camp is over. Contact us for our product list and prices.

How often will girls attend a dance class?

Unlike most camps, our girls get a forty minute dance class every day.

Do you have to be with a team?

Absolutely not! Our program draws teams as well as individual cheerleaders. A camper who comes alone is roomed with another camper of the same approximate age that has also come alone. Many campers come with a friend.

Please tell me about younger campers who live on a youth floor? (8-9 year old youth campers)

Their cheer program is the same as older campers. They are housed in a special dorm with a special staff, and they go to bed a little earlier than our older camper. If a youth camper is part of a team, they are still required to live in our youth dorm. We permit an older camper to stay with a youth camper in the youth camper dorm.

What kind of supervision do you provide?

Our counselors are in every dorm, at least two per floor. They are trained in all aspects of camp life. Our owners, directors, and medical staff also live in our dorms. Our campers are monitored during their walks to and from their activities. Besides our own counselors, we have a professional 24-hour security patrol.

What recreational activities do you offer?

Our recreation program is very unique and doesn't take away time from our cheer skills and tumbling.

"Color War" is a very unique recreation program that has been developed over the past thirty years. Campers and staff are divided into two teams that compete for awards and points. Campers and staff are all involved in the many fun activities. Some are age group oriented so that our munchkins have a chance to win our many awards and points.

USGTC Color War promotes meeting new friends and helping other people. Our days and evenings are filled with fun recreational activities that do not take away from our cheer skills and tumbling program! Some are conducted in our new multi-million dollar student center. It houses our camp store, cafe, snack bar, and is used for many of our recreational activities.

We have movies, bingo night, treasure hunts, poster painting contests, camp dances, awards night, and skit night. We have recreational swims twice a day with "Color War swim contests." We also have lots of outdoor tennis courts and a basket ball gym. We have a modern Olympic swimming pool for all our recreational swimming and fun swim contests.

What's your food like?

We can design a menu for anyone who has allergies, or other special challenges. Campers and staff tell us that our food is the best! We designed our menu for the growing athlete.

Do you have an Athletic Trainer or Nurse?

We have a resident athletic trainer and nurse available at all times.

CALL 1-561-743-8550

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Gymnastics Camp 2015
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July 26 - August 1

Resident Camper Fee
One Week: $1,315
Both Weeks: $2,705

Day Camper Fee
One Week: $800
Both Weeks: $1,600

Tumbling Camp 2015
July 26 - August 1

Resident Camper Fee: $1,315
Day Camper Fee: $800

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