Boys can train at the World's Largest Gymnastics Camp Gym

U.S. Gymnastics Training Centers Summer Camp

At Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA


FAQs For Boys

Will I get to meet the Olympians?

Each camper will have an opportunity to get a photo session and autograph session with our Olympians.

Who coaches boys?

We have some incredible coaches, including Olympians, elite coaches and college gymnasts.

Olympian John Orosco coaches young camper!
Olympian John Orosco coaches a young camper!

What events can I work each day?

You will have enough time to work all the Olympic events each day. Besides your required five classes each day, you will have two, one hour workouts. We feel that parents are paying for the best possible gymnastics experience and that is what we provide.

What should I bring to the gym workouts?

Work out bag, athlete tape, shirts, shorts, water bottle and grips. Ask your coach what other items he recommends. No long shorts or Jean shorts.

Any fun contests for boys in COLOR WAR?

We have lots of great gymnastic contests for the guys and girls, with many awards. Most of the contests are based on age group so everyone has a chance to perform.

Who will I be in classes with?

First of all, you will be placed in small classes, based on your ability. We never have more than eight guys in a class for each of the Olympic events.

Who coaches me during open workout?

You can go to any instructor you want! Our Olympians and other elite staff work with all ability levels.

Where do the boys live?

We have a special dorm section for all our boys and Male Staff. It's a short walk to the gym. Our staff chaperone you to all the activities.

I'm going for both sessions. What happens during the weekend between sessions?

We give our hands and body a rest. Our planned program includes recreation, and a walk to the small village Green across the street for a movie. It's a time to relax and get ready for our last session.

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Countdown To Camp 2015

Gymnastics Camp 2015
Session One:
July 19 - July 25

Session Two:
July 26 - August 1

Resident Camper Fee
One Week: $1,315
Both Weeks: $2,705

Day Camper Fee
One Week: $800
Both Weeks: $1,600

Tumbling Camp 2015
July 26 - August 1

Resident Camper Fee: $1,315
Day Camper Fee: $800

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"As a parent and staff member for the past 4 years, I would highly recommend USGTC camp. The kids learn valuable skills in and out of the gym, are nurtured in a safe and healthy atmosphere, and they have a lot of fun. The coaches and staff are top notch. The directors are experienced and accommodating. It's a well run camp where gymnasts learn and perfect high level skills."

- Susan S.
Camper Mom and Nurse

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