U.S. Gymnastics Training Centers Summer Camp

At Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA


Hard work but lots of fun!

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

Call us if you have questions. Mike and Susan Jacobson are always available to talk about our program and your child's needs.

Camp Safety

We do not have cabins filled with children like most camps.

Parents tell us that we have luxurious housing compared to other major camps. We have dorm living. We consider the child’s age when we house our campers. Our campers select one or two roommates and they have their own dorm room.

We realize that you are looking for the gymnastics camp that will care for your child in the best possible way. That is why we work so hard to provide the right environment that parents expect. When you contact USGTC you will be talking to, or receive a personal call back from Mike or Susan Jacobson, our camp owners. At camp, they live in the dorms with our campers, staff Dorm Moms, medical team of nurses and athletic trainers. They feel that parents expect the best possible camp supervision and that is what our former camper parents say that we have.

How good is our camp supervision as compared to what you have experienced at other major camps?

We do background checks for all staff and provide an in depth pre camp staff training program in all areas of camp life.

  • At USGTC, your child is not allowed to go anywhere on our property unless our staff are with them.
  • We have twenty-four hour security service, besides our own Staff, Dorm Moms and Counselors.
  • Our camp has two full-time Nurses and two full-time athletic Trainers.
  • We have fire drills the first day of each session.
  • Our staff references are checked and we require Cori Checks on our staff.


Does USGTC allow cell phones or any electronic devises for games or music? NO!

Our policy is in effect because of our past camp experience and recommendations by the American Camping Association professionals. Please call us if you would like a more detailed explanation.

Where is your training camp located?

Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts.

What are the dates for USGTC Gymnastics Summer Camp 2015?

July 19 - July 25 and July 26 - August 1

Where is your main office located?

USGTC's National Office is headquartered in Tequesta, Florida.
P.O. Box 4088, Tequesta FL 33469
Our camp is at Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts.

What are the drive times from major cities in the area?

Hartford, CT - 45 Minutes
Boston, MA - 2 Hours
New York City - 2.5 Hours
Brattleboro, VT - 1.5 Hours
New Hampshire - 2 Hours

Do you offer an Airport Pick-up Service?

We personally pick up campers from Bradley Airport, Hartford Connecticut. It's forty minutes from our South Hadley camp in Massachusetts. The cost is only $45.00 each way.

How much does the Gymnastics Camp cost?

Resident Campers: $1,315 for one session, $2,705 for both sessions.
Weekend fee is included for two-week Resident Campers.

Day Campers: $800 for one session, $1,600 for both sessions.

Do you offer discounts for individuals and teams?

Anyone who registers before January 1st gets $75.00 deducted from their total camp tuition. $40.00 will be deducted for each additional sibling.

How late can I register my child?

We accept registrations up until our camp is filled. We have a waiting list after that time. We highly recommend you register as soon as you get our brochure. Last summer we filled up early and had to turn campers down.

What is included in a camp session?

A dorm room, all meals, gymnastics instruction, all our fun recreational activities and the opportunity to meet with our Olympic guests. Photos and autograph with all!

How can I register?

Print out our application and mail it to our Florida national office along with your $250 deposit check for each session. We accept personal checks up until July 1. We do not accept credit cards for our camp fees.

Call 561-743-8550 or email usgtc@bellsouth.net, for our new 8 page full-color brochure.

Click Request A Brochure to request a copy of our new 8 page full-color brochure online!

Print out our application and mail it to our Florida national office along with your $250 deposit check for each session. We do not accept credit cards for our camp fees. Call 561-743-8550 or email usgtc@bellsouth.net, for our 16 page full-color brochure.

If I cancel do I get my money back?

Our camper application explains our refund policies.


A+ Program Protection which includes coverage for program cancellation, program interruption, medical expenses, emergency evacuation and baggage/personal effects at a very competitive rates.

Contact: www.travmark.com. 888-420-5378.
Give your name, Give our name, and US Gymnastics, ID: USGY11

Before signing our camper application, make sure you have read and agree to all our policies.

What is your refund and returned check policy?

  • Written notice of cancellation must be received by April 30th. Deposit less $75.00 processing fee will be refunded.
  • After April 30th, Registration Deposits Are Non-Refundable. This Includes Cancellations for Medical and Athletic Injuries.
  • Written Cancellations Post Marked Thirty Days Prior to 1st camp day. Camper will receive Session Fees Less Deposit.
  • Cancellations Within Thirty Days Of First Camp Day - ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON. Requests must be in writing.
  • No refund will be made for a camper who withdraws at any time after arriving at Camp.
  • There is no reduction or refund of fees for Late Arrivals or Early Departure.
  • Returned checks - There is a $35.00 processing fee. We only accept refund.

How much spending money should I bring?

We recommend $125.00. We sell camp products during our registration days and during camp. We have a camp store and snack bar. Our staff dorm leaders take care of camper spending money. Campers take out money when they need it. The younger campers in our youth dorm can get the assistance from our staff if they need special help in purchasing items in our camp store or snack bar.

Can parents come to visit?

No. We also prefer that a two-week camper does not leave camp during the Saturday before the second session. Visitations are a disruption to our program. "An important part of camping is to have an independent experience."

What kind of housing do you provide?

No other camp can compare!

We have no cabins like other major camps! All our campers and staff are housed in dorms. Campers pick their own roommates. We recommend two campers per room. No more than three. Bathrooms and showers are on each dorm floor. Our campers can decorate their rooms and win prizes for their efforts. It's part of our fun "Color War" recreation program.

Can a team stay in the same dorm?

Yes, except all 8-9 year olds must live on a youth dorm floor. No exceptions! Teams are housed on one or more floors. It's possible that other campers will be on their floors. Meeting new friends is an important part of being a USGTC camper.

What Olympians and World Champions will be at camp?

We will have at least three former Olympians at each Session. Our Olympic and world championship coaches and gymnast’s names will be posted on Twitter and our website once they are contracted.

Who are your instructors?

Our campers are taught by former Olympians, elite coaches, college coaches, college gymnasts and private club owners. Our staff members are familiar with USA Gymnastics routines.

What should my child bring?

Once you become a registered camper, we will send you a list of things to bring such as the usual workout clothing, bedding, toiletries, etc. Most of our campers like to decorate their rooms. We will have special "Color War" awards for the best room decorations. We also have a costume night with a new theme each year. Again, it's part of our zany exciting recreation program. Check out our spectacular dorm rooms.

Gymnastics Program?

Our Gymnastics Training Program has been developed over many years by some of the greatest coaches from around the world. Check out our Staff and Stars and Schedule.

Do you have a Boy's Program?

Yes, we have approximately fifty boys at each session.

How much gymnastics training will I get?

You will have the opportunity to work all the Olympic events each day. We also have daily conditioning. Dance is also included for girls. Campers get five 40 minute required classes, plus two one hour optional, open workouts.

What's the class ratio?

We have eight gymnasts to one instructor.

What's the gym like?

It is the largest summer camp gym in the world! It’s a 45,000 square ft. gymnastics arena. Everyone works out together. Campers and staff really like it that way.

What ages and ability levels are your campers?

Boys and girls ages 8 through high school. We have all ages and ability levels. Most of our campers are considered beginning and intermediate gymnasts, pre team through level eight, but we also have nationally ranked junior gymnasts. Remember that we have staff that can spot and teach any skill done in gymnastics. Every gymnast gets the same attention at our camp.

How about your Gymnastics Testing Program?

It was developed at USGTC and is unlike any other camp-testing program. Our girls are first divided up by height. Each group is then tested for their ability in each Olympic event and placed in ability groups.

Do you have a Pit?

We have an incredible above ground pit system that our Olympians and campers rave about. Our foam block pit system is 124 feet long and eight feet wide.

What kind of equipment do you provide?

A majority of our products are new each year. We use mostly AAI equipment and mats. All of our camp products are available for purchase, once camp is over. Contact us for our product list and prices.

How often will girls attend a dance class?

Unlike most camps, our girls get a forty minute dance class every day. We also have private choreography sessions to develop optional routines. Click here for Floor Exercise choreography information.

Do you have to be with a team?

No, most of our campers come with a friend. Approximately 30% of our campers come with a small group or team. A camper who comes alone is roomed with another camper the same approximate age that has also come alone.

How old are the Campers?

Ages 8 through high school senior.

How about younger campers? (8-9 year old resident youth campers)

Their gymnastics program is the same as older campers. They are housed in a special dorm with a special staff, and they go to bed a little earlier than our older campers. If a youth camper is part of a team, they are still required to live in our youth dorm. We permit an older camper to stay with a youth camper in the youth camper dorm.

What kind of supervision do you provide?

Our counselors are in every dorm, at least two per floor. We also have dorm moms who help supervise our children in the dorms. Our owners, directors, and medical staff also live in our dorms. Our campers are monitored during their walks to and from their activities. Besides our own counselors, we have the Mount Holyoke College Security guards who provide 24-hour security patrol.

What recreational activities do you offer?

"Color War" is a unique program only offered at USGTC. Campers and staff are divided into two teams that compete for awards and points. Campers and staff are all involved in the many fun activities. Some are age group oriented so that our munchkins have a chance to win our many awards and points.

USGTC Color War promotes meeting new friends and helping other people. Our days and evenings are filled with fun recreational activities that do not take away from our required gymnastics program! Some are conducted in our new multi-million dollar student center. It houses our camp store, cafe, snack bar, and is used for some of our recreational activities.

We have movies, bingo night, treasure hunts, poster painting contests, camp dances, Awards Night, and Skit Night. We have recreational swims twice a day with "Color War Swim Contests." We also have lots of outdoor tennis courts and a basket ball gym. USGTC is known for having 4-star facilities.

We have a modern Olympic swimming pool for all our recreational swimming and fun swim contests.

What's your food like?

Campers and staff tell us that our food is the best! Much of our food is grown locally. Mount Holyoke College chefs and food service personal provide all our food. We designed our menu for the growing athlete. Our food service can prepare food for children with special needs.

We have three dining halls, complimented by a cafe and snack bar in our new 17 million dollar air conditioned Camp Center. We can design a menu for anyone who has allergies, or other special challenges.

We have three dining halls, complimented by a cafe and snack bar in our new 17 million dollar air conditioned Camp Center. We can design a menu for anyone who has allergies, or other special challenges.

Do you have an Athletic Trainer or Nurse?

We have two Athletic Trainers and two Nurses at each session. We also have a Nurse Practitioner who accepts all the prescription medication the first registration day of each session.

Please contact us if you have questions that still need addressing. You will always talk our owners, Mike and Susan Jacobson 561-743-8550 or email us at usgtc@bellsouth.net.

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Countdown To Camp 2015

Gymnastics Camp 2015
Session One:
July 19 - July 25

Session Two:
July 26 - August 1

Resident Camper Fee
One Week: $1,315
Both Weeks: $2,705

Day Camper Fee
One Week: $800
Both Weeks: $1,600

Tumbling Camp 2015
July 26 - August 1

Resident Camper Fee: $1,315
Day Camper Fee: $800

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